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Matlab R2013a Crack 983 (2022)




,000 8,000,000 16,000,000 37,600,000 I would like to have a fraction of the total cost in each column (thus, third column is the total of 2/3 and 4/6). The code I have now is %find the total cost s = sum(test.Cost); %calculate the costs based on fraction of the total s_frac = [s/sum(s);sum(s)/s]; %convert to numeric and use round s_numeric = round(s_frac); %save the values as new columns test = [test; s_numeric]; Which gives me a column for each fraction. I want to have the total cost in the first column and a fraction in each subsequent column. Thank you! A: You could do something like this: %Convert to cell array and place values in new columns cell_arr = num2cell(s_numeric) test = [test; cell_arr]; The output of test will look like this: test = 1x4 cell array {1} 2/3 {2} 2/3 {3} 4/6 {4} 4/6 First Lady Michelle Obama appeared out of nowhere and made everyone giggle with a very non-First Lady announcement: she had recently discovered the joy of a malted milkshake. On a very cold day, Mrs. Obama stopped for a milkshake during her trip to the Western White House to visit the children of the White House Kitchen Garden. Mrs. Obama took a bite out of her milkshake and laughed with delight. “I was licking that,” Mrs. Obama laughed. “It was delicious! My favorites are the malted milkshake and cookie dough.” “Yum,” the



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Matlab R2013a Crack 983 (2022)
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