It’s not all bad! 2021 has some goodness!

Oh yeah lobster and crayfish are not being exported so more locally and better prices! Thia is a nice little recipe for those who like light food that is rich in flavour layers. Luxurious but simple

Lobster tails*

Three green lobster tails

Blob of butter

Blob of Confiture de Citron

Blob of minced garlic

Generous pinch of cracked pepper

Splash of dry vermouth

Few sprigs of lemon thyme

*this would work with any shellfish.

Into a pan put a cm of water generous pinch of salt the tails and throw on the lid. Look after 2 minutes then if cooked take tails out and chop out the membrane on the inside leaving meat in the shell and set aside.

Empty any of the water out of the pan

Into the pan:

Blob of butter dessert spoon

Extra virgin olive oil a couple of tablespoons

Confiture de Citron large teaspoon or two

minced garlic about a dessert spoon

Generous pinch of cracked pepper

Mix about then add

dry vermouth about 50ml

Few sprigs of lemon thyme

Put the tails back in and spoon over them

Then plate up

Make sure you have something to mop up all that goodness

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