Newcastle Herald Weekender Magazine

24 October 2020

Conjurup Food Company

ISLINGTON-based cook Anna-Jane "AJ" Dalton was looking for ways to use surplus lemons from a lemon-based product she was working on during lockdown when she developed the recipe for her aromatic spiced lemon jam, Confiture de Citron.

When restrictions ordered us to stay home, Dalton turned to the kitchen.

Cooking kept her busy.

And sane.

"Panic stations, right, COVID. We're locked down. I am here at home. What am I cooking?," Dalton tells Weekender.

"First day I made sausages. I had a leg of lamb and I deboned it, minced it and made sausages. Day two, 'What am I going to do?'. I made lemon curd tartlets.












NEW HORIZONS: Confiture de Citron, Anna-Jane Dalton's "lockdown" labour of love. Picture: Marina Neil

"Day three, 'I might do a leek, ricotta and blue cheese tart'. It went on and on like this. I'd cook, we'd eat, we'd drink, and then in the morning, I'd go for an eight-kilometre walk. I'd come back and think, 'What am I going to do now?'.

"It was a prime time for creativity for me because I had a lot of lemons on hand and I was locked down here, and thought, 'Well, I'll just keep playing with them until I get something right'.

"I'm a country girl and I cannot bear waste, but there were lemon slices that were just not perfect for my other product and I wasn't using them, so I thought, 'I bet I can do something interesting with these'.

"I didn't want to just make a jam, I wanted to make something that was really interesting and I thought, 'You know what? I'm going to spice it and I'm going to get the balance right, and I think it will be great with cheese'."

The spreadable condiment is an ideal replacement for quince paste on a cheese board.

The fragrant, intense lemon flavour is balanced with the sweetness of sugar and the right amount of spice, and is versatile enough to be used as a glaze on fish, chicken, pork, and vegetables, or add a zesty burst of flavour to sandwiches, toasties, and pizza.


Hunter Valley Chocolate Co

Great to have Jo and Pete and the whole team deciding to stock Confiture de Citron.  This is a really vibrant business with many people through the doors.  Was so happy to be on site Saturday 17 October to do a tasting of the product. Absolutely delighted by the reception and number of sales.  People really like it!