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We have been doing our very best at Conjurup to guarantee that our clients remain our top priority. We like to think the hard work has paid off, since it seems our clients are very happy with our product. When it comes to customer service, we’ll never stop trying to be the best.

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So, first a disclaimer * i know and respect my good friend


and this is not a paid advertisement*

Now that is out of the way, i can only say that her new product is just the bomb !

I have followed her path and progress for many years now with her passion for lemons, starting out on the preserved lemon trail,but ending up with a product as good as her confiture de citron, i take my hat off to you.

This should be on the shelves of quality purveyors such as Gourmet Life, Simon Johnson or The essential Ingredient.

I look forward to seeing where this journey takes you AJ x


"I was fortunate to have been asked by AJ to try the product pre - launch and it was perfect! There was absolutely no feedback I could give except, how do I order a box I will be giving the product away for Christmas , it is that special.

The flavour the texture the balance compliments everything, and I mean everything! I have it with cheeses and fruit plates, roasted joints, seafood, fresh sandwiches and even toast!'


"With my background as a head reviewer and food critic, it's very rare on any first evaluation, where you find total harmony-whether that be with all the elements in a dish, or in this case, with a new niche product.  This exquisitely balanced and brilliantly conceived condiment is an expetion, with the key being its versatility to accompany whatever takes your fancy, my personal fabourite being used to accompany, and elevate, any quality cheese and charcuterie" DANE RICHARDS - FOOD CRITIC

"OMG your Confiture de Citron just arrived.  It is the food of the Gods I'm certain.  What an amazing Symphony on the palate.  I'm eating it from the jar and can't wait to put it onto some lamb and explore other uses for it. Yumo


Very tasty and a great alternative to a Quince jam . It went exceptionally well with both a hard and creamy blue cheese , crackers and my Noble One as the flavours do compliment each other very well .

Anna-Jane DaltonI love your artisan creation and I will get around to trying it with a roast chicken one day as you have suggested .

Do you have a recipe I can try ?